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The furniture Progress
Mebel Progress is a national leader in manufacture of the soft and cabinet furniture for home, having trading network that consists of 15 company-branded stores in 35 cities of Ukraine, wide assortment, unique service and high quality.
Quality of service, effectiveness, innovation.

“Progressus” is a Latin word meaning “development of something new andleading; movement forward, movement to a more perfect state, change for the better”. We are constantly going forward and developing headily, are in search of new and more effective way of work. Our credo is not a chase for an immediate benefit but the manufacture of high-quality and comfortable furniture under the trademark Mebel Progress.

Constant increase of the volume of the products output, update and improvement of the collection of the furniture stand for the high professionalism of our personnel and great potential of our productive capacity.

Cooperation Cooperation
OJSC Progres offers cooperation to all the companies who works on furniture market and who are interesting in coloboration with Furniture Progress trade mark.
Contacts Contacts
  +38 (056) 789-38-85
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